The Game Change Project

Mim’s Journey with TGCP…

Exceptional Young People

Mim Taylor:
16 years old
Been attending for 1.5 year
Overcame Social Anxiety
Now volunteers as apeer mentor
Ambitions to work in the Equestrian Industry

Mim was referred to the project by her CAMHS Support worker in November 2022. Before and after lockdown, Mim had been bullied by her peers in school and had ended up stopping going to school. Because of this she spent most of her time at home and couldn’t face going back to school.

When we asked Mim what had helped her most, she said that The Game Change Project helped her gain confidence talking to people she didn’t know. She learned a lot about horses, horse body language and how to care for other animals. She said going to Game Change helped her step out of her comfort zone on multiple occasions which she would not have done beforehand.

Mim now attends a new school as well as volunteering as a peer mentor at TGCP two days a week. She has a job at the weekends and is planning a career with horses.

Qualifications: Basic Safeguarding Volunteer
Hours: 200+

Mims Quote

Mim’s Journey with TGCP… / Taith Mim gyda TGCP…

Mim’s Journey with TGCP… / Taith Mim gyda TGCP…

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The Game Change Project
The Game Change Project