The Game Change Project

Zander’s Journey with TGCP

Exceptional Young People

Zander O’Connor-Lowe:
15 years old
Been attending for 1 year
Overcame difficulties in school
Ambitions to be a mechanic

Zander was referred to the project by his youth support worker in April 2022. He became involved because he was struggling at school and sometimes refusing to go. He was missing a lot of school which was hard for his Mum and Dad too.

Zander says Game Change has helped him learn a lot about Mechanics and working with others. He now wants to be a mechanic when he leaves school. He now works harder in school and attends most days.

This is what Zander’s parents said:

We have had the first positive report since starting high school that states how hard Zander is trying! We know this is down to the skills he is learning at The Game Change Project

Zander’s Journey with TGCP / Taith Zander gyda TGCP…

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The Game Change Project
The Game Change Project