The Game Change Project

Young Peoples Programmes

The Game Change Project aims to instil a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in young people by giving them opportunities to learn practical life skills outside the traditional classroom environment. Our programmes are open to young people from 13 years and over and run throughout the school year. We currently run three modules.

  • BASIC MECHANICS includes activities like vehicle maintenance and restoration, designing and racing model boats and airoplanes, driving skills, bricklaying, wood work and much more.
  • ANIMAL CARE AND COMMUNICATION includes horse care, training techniques, fun communication and team building with horses, caring for and handling other small animals on the farm.
  • LANDBASED SKILLS - Includes conservation, groundwork, landscaping, wood work and other traditional rural skills.

All modules include fun, exciting and engaging activities designed to encourage team spirit and cooperation as well as build confidence and self esteem.

Young people who complete the entry level courses can progress onto longer term advanced courses to gain work related skills and experience.

They take part in volunteering and we also link with local businesses and people from the local community who act as mentors. Members of the advanced group act as peer mentors and role models supporting other young people who attend.

Life skills programmes are funded by The National Lottery Community Fund in Wales and supplemented by our other income generating activities, which means that all young people can benefit including those from families on a lower income.

We work closely with schools and parents to find the best options for each individual.

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A very good, hands on experience. Pupils learned alot and worked well with each other. Plenty of team work and learning new skills

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The Game Change Project
The Game Change Project